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Jan 19th – Yoga. Bethany Learn of Fit 2 b Us and Eleni discuss the differences between the physical & spiritual components of yoga. Yoga can be beneficial to just about everyone. Styles of yoga, reasons to do yoga plus etiquette in a studio all come up.



Jan 18th – Diet and health myths discussed. With so much information how do you know what’s right? Dr Ciprian and Eleni help support you living healthier by giving ideas to find your balance and make decisions about what is right for you. Strong influence on food.


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Jan 17th – Repeat of Katherine Schwarzenegger Interview


Jan 14th – Health, Diet, Fitness. Ideas around categorizing your foods and activities by 1st choice, 2nd choice and 3rd choice and trying to live off the 1st choice list the majority of the time. Tips for stretching your hamstrings effectively. 15 Worst diet/health myths article discussed.


Discussion started on 15 worst diet/health myths

Jan 13th – Attitude, Athleticism and Passion! Aaron & Eleni talk roller derby with Texine of the Rose City Rollers, High Rollers. Get lots of info on the health and fitness side of playing the support plus views on diet, recovery and life in general.


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Jan 12th – Mind Control. Michael J Emery, NLP and Attention Shifting expert talks about “mind control” being our ability to control our own mind. Learn about how the conscious and subconscious minds are processing and working simultaneously to make decisions through out our daily life. Talking control of your mind changes everything!


Choosing to act right now is choosing to take control ~MJE.

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Jan 11th – Diet, fluoride and skin. Dr Robert Ciprian and Eleni discuss incorporating more whole foods and  plant-based foods into your diet. Ideas on whether fluoride is good or bad. Also a little bit about skin… what goes on it, goes in it. Just a few things to think about. Bottom line your health is in your control.



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Should you use fluoride or not? Tell us what you think! Here is some info from both sides

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