Jan 10th – Dr Rosenfield of Pearl Women’s Center / hysterectomies

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Jan 10th – Dr Rick Rosenfield, Executive Medical Director and Founder of Pearl Women’s Center talks about hysterectomies. What can lead to needing one and what is getting one like? What are some signs and symptoms that should lead to an appointment? What are some issues that can be fixed with this procedure? Get your questions answered. Things are different these day, learn what is new in the field.


Things that should lead to making a doctor appointment:

1. irregular or heavy bleeding (7-10 days) that is not typical

2. prolonged pelvic pain

3. a change in your cycle (typically associated with increase in pain and/or bleeding)

* these symptoms mean different things to different age groups so always consult your physician


Things to know about current hysterectomy procedures:

1. it is minimally invasive and can be done in an outpatient clinic

2. recovery is much quicker than the past

3. it can provide relief to certain health issues


In reference to the picture on this post: “There’s a new girl in town and she made her American debut at the side of internationally known laparoscopic surgeon, Dr. Richard Rosenfield. ViKY, as she is affectionately known, is a revolutionary, lightweight robot developed by EndoControl, headquartered in France. With ViKY at his side, Dr. Rosenfield made history by performing the first documented solo, laparoscopic hysterectomy in the world. Significantly, the entire procedure was performed in an outpatient facility, Pearl Women’s Center.” For more of the story go here

  1. Holly Danks says:

    I very much appreciate that Get Fit Now goes beyond telling us to eat right and exercise just because “it’s good for us.” Dr. Rosenfield gave specific info about how integrating diet and exercise can help prevent so many “female problems” and often preventable surgeries. Having had to have a hysterectomy myself because of endometriosis and fibroids many years before the procedure was done less invasively, I know how helpful it is that Get Fit gives the list of reproductive-related signs that point to the need for doctor visits.

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