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Jan 28th – Dr Wally Schmitt, D.C., D.I.B.A.K., D.A.B.C.N.. Eleni & Dr Ciprian talk about pain and nutrition with Dr Wally, who specializes in Applied Kinesiology & Chiropractic Neurology. Listen as many pieces of information are brought together to explain what is happening in the body in relation to pain. Added bonus: technique you can do to stop pain from Dr. Wally’s book Stop Your Pain Now


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Jan 27thAnything Goes Diet. Aaron & Eleni ask John Barban about the Anything Goes Diet. Health comes from proper nutrition and movement not from a too good to be true advertisement. Lots of things work and many more work when used with diet and exercise but the bottom line is simple, good health comes from a balance of nutrition/fuel, exercise/movement and emotional/mental wellness and support.


Jan 26th – NLP and the Universal Modeling Process are discussed. Listen as Michael J Emery and Eleni talk about how external stimuli are processed instantaneously in the mind. Here about how time space, matter, energy, language, memories, decisions, attitudes, etc. have an effect.


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Jan 25th – GMO’s

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Jan 25th – GMO’s. Dr Ciprian and Eleni discuss genetically modified organisms. What are they, why are they not so good for you plus the most common GMO’s you should avoid. Other healthy living tips are also shared. To find out how you can make a difference in your food see


Some Top GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) Foods to avoid:

Soy, cottonseed coil, canola oil, zuchinni and yellow squash, Hawaiian papaya, beet sugar

Jan 24th – Healthy living support. Shout out to Jack Lalanne, fitness pioneer. 10 point to living healthier. Listener questions answered on increasing lung capacity, eating carrots vs beef jerky and getting kids off the couch.


Fun video of Jack Lalanne. Do you agree with the 10 point plan?

Jan 21st – Bouldering. Matt Slayton, GM of The Circuit Bouldering Gyms talks climbing. Hear about athleticism, nutrition, power, yoga, slacklining and more. Find out why this might not only be good for you, but for the whole family. Learn about climbing culture, the sport and how to get started.. Climbing, it’s natural, holistic and fun!


Learn more about The Circuit in this Urban Climber Magazine Article

Watch a Bouldering Video


Jan 20th – Aaron & Eleni talk health inspiration. Lots of healthy living support is given through sharing personal experience and thoughts on how to stay on track. What is important about food planning and drinking enough water. Plus when it comes to friends & family, modeling is key. Lead by example and share a healthier life with all those around you!


what inspires you?

Jan 19th – Yoga. Bethany Learn of Fit 2 b Us and Eleni discuss the differences between the physical & spiritual components of yoga. Yoga can be beneficial to just about everyone. Styles of yoga, reasons to do yoga plus etiquette in a studio all come up.



Jan 18th – Diet and health myths discussed. With so much information how do you know what’s right? Dr Ciprian and Eleni help support you living healthier by giving ideas to find your balance and make decisions about what is right for you. Strong influence on food.


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Jan 17th – Repeat of Katherine Schwarzenegger Interview