Dec 23rd – Being Present in the Moment

Posted: December 24, 2010 in Diet, health
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Dec 23rd – Being Present in the Moment! Mindful eating and watching where you go. Amazing list of season fruits and veggies which stay fresh longer. How to make black bean brownies and a study on helping kids make healthier choices at school all come up on this episode.



I will update this post later with links for the articles cited and the Dr Pittman study about kids and healthy choices at school all of which came from the Jan 2011 Idea Fitness Journal.

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Black Bean Brownies:

take a can (15.5oz) of whole black beans and blend

mix in a box of brownie mix

add water to create correct consistency

bake per directions

* I have not tried this. article suggested it raised protein and fiber levels while reducing fat as the oil and egg are not used


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