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Nov 11th – SAHM & Marathon runner Marni Renison, shares her love of running and how she models healthy living for her family. She over came losing 60 lbs and got into something she never thought she’d do… now she works on creating balance in her life. She just ran the NYC Marathon a few days ago and shares what it’s like to run with 45,000 people.

Hear about her fav running shoes, socks and songs. Plus what she does for self care… let’s just say it has to do with Yoga.

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To learn more about Marni just Google her or check out her blog

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Nov 10th – Happy 235th Birthday to the Marines. Shane Gibson shares his story with us about growing up, the Marines and adventure racing! Plus cyclocross and eating for performance.

When you are participating in a 12+ hour race, 4 hours is a warm up. How do you eat to prepare? What about transitioning from endurance racing to a 45 min sprint like cyclocross? Shane offers up stories of his experience plus how he plans not only to race but for daily life.  Planning is key! and M&M’s are like gold….

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To find out more about cyclocross or see the team Shane rides with check out Cycleone

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