What are you training for?

Posted: November 5, 2010 in baseball, Diet, Excercise, Fitness
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Whether you are training for professional sports or for life, the effort should be the same! Nutrition and exercise determine the outcome. Want performance on the field you must train and eat right. Want to be healthy and be able to get up for work no matter what your job is you must train and eat right!

Nov 5th Eleni talks with Brian Burres of the Pittsburgh Pirates and Mike Ekstrom of the Tampa Bay Rays about how they prepare for being professional athletes and how that is just as important for anybody. Check out the interview LISTEN now!

Brian and Mike are both pitchers spending their off season in Portland Oregon training at AIM (Athletes in Motion) Training Center. They train with Zane Kelly, NSCA cPT, a former Concordia University Baseball player. Kelly is a baseball coach and Nike SPARQ trainer who has recently founded AIM specifically to work with athletes and baseball players of all levels. For more info on training with AIM go here.

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