HIIT, is it here to stay?

Posted: October 5, 2010 in Uncategorized

Episode 23 of Get Fit Now Radio was about movement methods. Do you HIIT, Jazzercise, P90X, run, swim, bike or even move at all…? Is what you are doing enough?! What stops you from getting in movement everyday and how might you move more?

Aaron & Eleni discussed boxing, movement, HIIT, Tabata and more with Sandy Ibrahim of Capital City Boxing (Victoria, BC). She is the innovator/creator of Hit to Fit a 30 minute functional fitness program. To hear all Sandy had to say &/or share the podcast with friends click here.

We think Sandy is cool. Watch and see for your self!

Find out more about Hit to Fit. Follow on Twitter or Facebook!

Posted by Eleni

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