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Posted: September 19, 2010 in Uncategorized

One of the most important things you can do for yourself is set up a support system.  The first question might be what is a support system and where do I get one? Well a support system is a set of things you establish to keep yourself functioning and efficient. Everyone needs help to stay on course whether you are talking about a diet and exercise plan or keep up with work, house cleaning, kids etc, life is busy, it’s busy for everyone.

I have established three main pillars to healthy living, They are diet, exercise and support. Support is a broad category which encompasses many thing. Without support you will surely find the others pillars are hard to stick to. So here are 3 easy steps to get you started.

Step 1:

IT’S ALL ABOUT ME First and foremost lets look at self care. Bottom line is ultimately no body can do anything for you. You must make a commitment to your self and take care of your needs first so that you can help others. Setting goals for eating and exercising as well as other aspects of your life are super important. Goals give you something to measure and work toward. In the midst of setting your goals and scheduling your life I recommend you set aside some “you time”. Quite often we find no problem going out of our way for others, like or spouse, boss or children but we do… tend to neglect our selves. Set quiet times for your self to reflex on your self and your daily battles and accomplishments. Life is lived better when we establish self awareness.

Self care is different for everyone. Choose things that will make you feel relaxed and rejuvenated. It may be a massage or a peaceful hike or even a bath. One thing is for sure…Self care should be just about you.  You are the base, build your foundation on your needs first. Once that is in place look to those around you.

Step 2:

WHO CAN HELP ME Who inspires you? Who’s presence brings out the best in you? Family and friends is a great place to start but sometimes we need to look further. Maybe a co-worker or counselor or personal trainer is the person you need to make an alliance with to accomplish or stay accountable to the lifestyle you have chosen. Whether this is a helping professional you pay for the service or a friend that comes at no charge set your time with this person up on the long term so you can truly get the follow through you need. Support is very much about accountability and adherence…we need to see that into the future. For an example maybe your think you can’t afford personal training for weeks on end several days a week. This may be true but you probably can budget 1 or 2 times a month over a years time. This keeps you in contact with a person who can support and guide you on a path to continue with your goals. Another idea, don’t just join a gym and not use the membership. Commit to a group ex class like spinning or yoga with a friend. Make it a set date. You will help each other get there by agreeing to meet.

Step 3:

ITS NOT JUST ME ANYMORE ITS MY FAMILY We are not living this life alone. Everyone has family. Or someone they live with. Whether it’s your own family you have started or your parents and siblings there is probably someone around you. But,  If you live alone, no worries just find some like minded people to participate in life with. We are here in large part to support and share with each other. Things are just better when we share them. For example lets say you take up running and have found a group or organization to participate with go one step further and get a friend or family member involved. This takes your love of something any gives it to another person you are close to. Share your healthy choices with your whole family, get everyone on the same page. Imagine if no one supported you at home. Imagine if they lived very different lives, It would be a huge challenge to live with them and continue on your path. Get your family eating healthy and exercising. Being healthy is something to model for your loved ones. Don’t just do it for you… but help others too…in the long run you will be creating your support system. When everyone in the home is eating a certain way, no one will be tempted by less than healthy choices. And eating is just one thing to think about, This of course applies to many, many things.

Recap: Support is a major pillar to success. Start with your self. Find those who can aide you. Get your family on the same page. For information about my services go to or call 503 816 1070 and make sure you listen to Get Fit Now Radio Tuesdays at 2pm pacific time on for more great ideas on support.

Eleni K.

  1. Spin Buddy says:

    Eleni – I agree with you completely. It is so incredibly hard to “go it alone”. Having a buddy to work out with, someone to motivate you, or just someone to talk to about the challenges of staying fit and healthy.

    Love the blog – keep the great articles coming!


    • getfitnow says:

      Thanks for you kinds words! We are always looking to evolve ourselves here at Get Fit Training, Inc. We appreciate your feedback. Our goal through the blog is to inspire thoughts around health & lifestyle issues, while providing a support system.

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