P90X…. Bring It!!

Posted: September 7, 2010 in Diet, Fitness, health
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As a personal trainer I get asked all the time about P90X. Does it work? Is it worth it? Should I do it? Etc. Today Rose and I chatted with Aaron Mathis, a Beach Body Coach, to get the inside info plus his personal success story. Listen.

Aaron started on his healthy lifestyle journey at the urging of his wife. Power 90 was purchased and after 2 rounds 107 pounds were lost. Wow! then came P90X and the results …well, check him out and see for yourself.

With out a doubt, diet and exercise is the only way to be successful with your fitness and weight loss goals. It is up to YOU to achieve your goals. Find tools that inspire you. It may be a trainer or class at the gym or even P90X. There are no gimmicks or quick fixes, even the P90X program will show you the importance of diet and good exercise practices.

Aaron is now dedicated to seeing others have his same success. He holds an informational group every Tuesday night at 7:15pm in Vancouver Wa at the Pheonix Inn. Just drop in and see how motivating and fun getting connected with Aaron can be.

Aaron is about support. Follow on Twitter and Facebook to keep motivated and in the know.

Wanna try Shakeology? Ya you do! Hit Aaron up here on the CONTACT ME button
The first 10 people who connect with Aaron will get a FREE Shakeology…yum!

Be grateful for what you have and get started doing something healthy right now.

Eleni K

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