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A Game of Brutal Beauty, Roller Derby….and life!

Aaron and I talked success stories today with Kim Stegeman aka “Rocket Mean” of the Rose City Roller Derby.  Kim utilized services at Get Fit Training, a roller derby sponsor to get back in shape after an injury. Shoulder surgery put her out of play and little by little the weight went on. It can happen to anyone, not enough TIME, too much LIFE.

We discussed the strategies that got her back on track and tools she uses to stay focused. Listen to episode 22 to find out more about alternative sports, what iPhone app she likes plus exciting derby chat.

So much conversation went on after the show ended we could have Kim back again and again! We discussed body image in media and amongst roller derby. Does media put unfair expectations on women to be thin? Does roller derby as a sport and community see things differently? Please post your comments here on our blog and get the discussion going!

Kim’s 3 tips to Success:

1. Guidelines. Kim adheres to a set a of healthy guidelines like minimizing processed food and incorporating protein at all meals. She keeps balance between exercise and diet.

2. Planning. She know if she doesn’t plan she will have a hard time staying on track. Kim plans meals around her schedule and social events as well as schedules her workouts so she knows they will get done. Don’t leave things to chance!

3. Goal Setting. Without goals you have no direction. Kim sets realistic healthy goals and uses rewards that will be of benefit to her continued success.

The bottom line she says “is to find something that works for you” there are many tools out there and many things may work for a while but the key is… it has to work long term.

Time for something new? Roller Derby might just what you are looking for. Get more info on Rose City Rollers or look up derby in your area.

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Do you move? do you do it right? in the right environment? do it enough? Injury and pain can be the cause of the wrong movement, repetitive action or worse (and quite common) inactivity.

We spoke with Donn Dimond, PT on episode 21 to get the low down on what a physical therapist can do for you.

From preventative stretches to do at your desk, tips for facilitating rehab efforts and even a theory on proper bra fittings this show is far from boring. Packed full of info and listener feedback. Find out all Donn had to say about SAVING THE ATHLETE in all of us!

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Support / One Pillar

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One of the most important things you can do for yourself is set up a support system.  The first question might be what is a support system and where do I get one? Well a support system is a set of things you establish to keep yourself functioning and efficient. Everyone needs help to stay on course whether you are talking about a diet and exercise plan or keep up with work, house cleaning, kids etc, life is busy, it’s busy for everyone.

I have established three main pillars to healthy living, They are diet, exercise and support. Support is a broad category which encompasses many thing. Without support you will surely find the others pillars are hard to stick to. So here are 3 easy steps to get you started.

Step 1:

IT’S ALL ABOUT ME First and foremost lets look at self care. Bottom line is ultimately no body can do anything for you. You must make a commitment to your self and take care of your needs first so that you can help others. Setting goals for eating and exercising as well as other aspects of your life are super important. Goals give you something to measure and work toward. In the midst of setting your goals and scheduling your life I recommend you set aside some “you time”. Quite often we find no problem going out of our way for others, like or spouse, boss or children but we do… tend to neglect our selves. Set quiet times for your self to reflex on your self and your daily battles and accomplishments. Life is lived better when we establish self awareness.

Self care is different for everyone. Choose things that will make you feel relaxed and rejuvenated. It may be a massage or a peaceful hike or even a bath. One thing is for sure…Self care should be just about you.  You are the base, build your foundation on your needs first. Once that is in place look to those around you.

Step 2:

WHO CAN HELP ME Who inspires you? Who’s presence brings out the best in you? Family and friends is a great place to start but sometimes we need to look further. Maybe a co-worker or counselor or personal trainer is the person you need to make an alliance with to accomplish or stay accountable to the lifestyle you have chosen. Whether this is a helping professional you pay for the service or a friend that comes at no charge set your time with this person up on the long term so you can truly get the follow through you need. Support is very much about accountability and adherence…we need to see that into the future. For an example maybe your think you can’t afford personal training for weeks on end several days a week. This may be true but you probably can budget 1 or 2 times a month over a years time. This keeps you in contact with a person who can support and guide you on a path to continue with your goals. Another idea, don’t just join a gym and not use the membership. Commit to a group ex class like spinning or yoga with a friend. Make it a set date. You will help each other get there by agreeing to meet.

Step 3:

ITS NOT JUST ME ANYMORE ITS MY FAMILY We are not living this life alone. Everyone has family. Or someone they live with. Whether it’s your own family you have started or your parents and siblings there is probably someone around you. But,  If you live alone, no worries just find some like minded people to participate in life with. We are here in large part to support and share with each other. Things are just better when we share them. For example lets say you take up running and have found a group or organization to participate with go one step further and get a friend or family member involved. This takes your love of something any gives it to another person you are close to. Share your healthy choices with your whole family, get everyone on the same page. Imagine if no one supported you at home. Imagine if they lived very different lives, It would be a huge challenge to live with them and continue on your path. Get your family eating healthy and exercising. Being healthy is something to model for your loved ones. Don’t just do it for you… but help others too…in the long run you will be creating your support system. When everyone in the home is eating a certain way, no one will be tempted by less than healthy choices. And eating is just one thing to think about, This of course applies to many, many things.

Recap: Support is a major pillar to success. Start with your self. Find those who can aide you. Get your family on the same page. For information about my services go to or call 503 816 1070 and make sure you listen to Get Fit Now Radio Tuesdays at 2pm pacific time on for more great ideas on support.

Eleni K.

Everything in moderation…right? So I hear. Well what does that mean? I have heard my mother say it for years. “everything in moderation” it rings in my ears in her special “mom” tone. In retaliation I once asked her if that meant she ate dog sh*t because after all… everything in moderation meant EVERYTHING! I am wondering if everything in balance is a better term than moderation. Lets break down moderation first.

Moderation by definition means Being within reasonable limits; not excessive or extreme. This implies that everything is IN just as long as it is not TOO much. Well how about balance….it is literally A state of equilibrium or parity characterized by cancellation of all forces by equal opposing forces.

Here now enters my argument. Some things are down right toxic. If it is toxic then it should be avoided. It has no use in the body. The reaction we may enjoy (ie alcohol consumption) is a intoxication. Our body is sick and fighting the intoxicant. Many things fall into this category such as drugs, medications, foods, chemicals, poisons, etc. Should we accept these things in moderation??? What about the dog sh*t I mentioned earlier, are you willing to eat it just to live in moderation?  I know I am being a little extreme…not quite moderate at all but here is the idea I want to get across. What about balance…. In my opinion balance is key!!

Balance suggests that we counter the negatives we take on with moderation and rectify them. Make good what is bad. I like this a lot. Lets get back to the alcohol consumption. As a trainer & lifestyle and weight management consultant I hear this all the time.  Is it ok to drink alcohol? How much can I drink? Or… I’m not stopping so what are my options? Well some may say, drink in moderation…heard that before right?! But drink in moderation does not solve any problems. Drink in moderation implies you are responsible or that you limit the damage but what about balance? How can you balance out the effect of alcohol on your body. It may not be well known but alcohol breaks down muscle and depletes hydration in the body. Drinking a little just makes it a bit less bad. FIX what you did. Create balance. Replace water and protein. If you consume alcohol also consume a glass of water. One glass to one glass. Also replenish protein stores so that the body can repair and rejuvenate itself.

Alcohol is just one example. How about antibiotics.? They mess you up. They also help facilitate resistant strains of bacteria more potent the next time we encounter them. Once antibiotics have been ingested we not only kill the bad germs but the good ones too. Ouch! Now we can live with a potential new problem dealing with the idea that the antibiotics were only in moderation (taken in a necessary dose when needed) or we can restore balance and harmony in the body by consuming probiotics to replace the good guys we killed off.

The way I see it you have two options AVOID intoxicants or provide balance but moderation my friends just isn’t enough.

Eleni K

I’m traveling back to the land of bacon wrapped hot dogs to share with you the story of how I put on 50 extra pounds and then dropped it! It all started in 1997 I got pregnant weighing in at 117. Although I ate poorly I had a beautiful baby boy and was back in size 2 pants in under 2 weeks. I was 25. Fast forward to 1 year and 5 days later when I got pregnant with my second child….ouch! In less than 2 weeks I knew I was in trouble. The weight came and came and came and my doc told me to stop but it just wouldn’t. I was “healthy” with no major problems or risks regarding my pregnancy, but I was FAT. I hadn’t been exercising at the time I got pregnant so I made no plan to start.  The bacon wrapped hot dogs and double burgers at 3am weren’t helping much, on top of that I was drinking milk like mad, but not skim or 1 or 2% but whole milk with added sugar in it….ewww. Well ewww was right. After baby girl popped out I had thighs that looked like orange peel and no clothes but maternity wear to sport. A few months after my daughter was born someone asked me when I was due…. I was holding my baby. Dang! This was going to be over and never happen again.

So I walked… I started 2 weeks post cesarean and lifted weights as soon as I got doctor clearance. Everyday I was at the gym. I had a lot of inspiration, I was living in beautiful Cabo San Lucas, Mexico…. land of perfect bodies and tons of celebrities to gawk at. I walked on a treadmill in front of the beach and dreamed of all the bikinis I would buy and wear one day…I was going to live in a bikini and look amazing in it. And I finally did and I’ve never turned back…oh I have fluctuated from 12-22% body fat in the last 10 years But I have stayed clear of cellulite down to my knees and the obvious path to clogged arteries I was headed down.

Clean eating and working out daily makes me feel good and I share it with my clients every day at work.  It is about balance! Food is fuel. It is not a treat or reward. Eating healthy isn’t about depriving yourself it is about treating yourself with respect.

Eleni K

Passion for health and good diet while finding balance and moderation in life is what came out of a wonderful chat with Diane Weber of today.

Diane is the Mother of Olympic Gold Medalist Garrett Weber-Gale. She also makes up a third of which she runs along with her husband and son, Garrett.

Healthy eating and creating balance was always a focus in the Weber-Gale home but after learning he had high blood pressure at 19 Garrett took a closer look at his health and his performance. His parents gifted him some cooking lessons and he found joy in the instant gratification of making his own food and being able to experience it right away. This was an inspiration to a guy who was used to looking at long term goals. Find out more about Garret and how he helps others eat healthier on his site.

Hear the interview with Diane and learn more about how she started getting fit after 50. Follow her on Twitter and check her great blog posts too!

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“Life just keeps coming. We make decisions everyday that effect our health and well being, based both on what we do and don’t do. Find your passion and live it out!!”

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P90X…. Bring It!!

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As a personal trainer I get asked all the time about P90X. Does it work? Is it worth it? Should I do it? Etc. Today Rose and I chatted with Aaron Mathis, a Beach Body Coach, to get the inside info plus his personal success story. Listen.

Aaron started on his healthy lifestyle journey at the urging of his wife. Power 90 was purchased and after 2 rounds 107 pounds were lost. Wow! then came P90X and the results …well, check him out and see for yourself.

With out a doubt, diet and exercise is the only way to be successful with your fitness and weight loss goals. It is up to YOU to achieve your goals. Find tools that inspire you. It may be a trainer or class at the gym or even P90X. There are no gimmicks or quick fixes, even the P90X program will show you the importance of diet and good exercise practices.

Aaron is now dedicated to seeing others have his same success. He holds an informational group every Tuesday night at 7:15pm in Vancouver Wa at the Pheonix Inn. Just drop in and see how motivating and fun getting connected with Aaron can be.

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Be grateful for what you have and get started doing something healthy right now.

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