Back At It… Listener Questions Part 2

Posted: August 17, 2010 in Diet, Fitness, self care / support, Weightloss
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This week’s show addressed more questions sent in by listeners. Topics covered were getting a friend started who doesn’t want to exercise and how can I incorporate a potato amongst other exciting fitness and diet questions such as which sports are best for building athleticism in kids. We are happy to continue taking your questions and reading them on air. Send more our way via Then listen to the show here or on iTunes.

If you are in Portland please contact me to set up a FREE consultation. The best way to determine your health and fitness goals is to sit down and discuss where you are currently at and would like to be. This is a great time of year with summer winding down and September coming along… “back to reality” sets in and many find themselves headed to the gym. Don’t wait too long. Jump start everyone and set up a session today. or we recommend to help you find a trainer or nutritionist in your area.

Special This Week: Visit Get Fit Training at Portland’s Baconfest 2010 find out more here

Rose recommended you check out The Beasite Boys – Sabotage as a great workout song. It did her well on her 3mi run yesterday in the 90 degree weather!

My thought…YES IT MATTERS Don’t convince your self that eating healthy and exercising won’t change anything. It does matter. You have the control to feel better everyday and increase the quality of your life through clean eating, activity and positive thoughts. Be Healthy. Get Fit.

Eleni K.

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