Ready For Change?!

Posted: May 26, 2010 in Diet, Fitness, Weightloss
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We all want to feel better. Our health is important to us. Quite often though, we have no idea where to start. Sometimes looking in the mirror is harder than we like. Today is the day for a change. Better health and energy can be yours.
Making a lifestyle change isn’t always easy. You need to revamp your diet and exercise habits but most importantly you need to instill the support system that will keep you motivated and going on the tough days.
Join Get Fit Training’s Body Evolution Program. If you are local in Portland, OR it is one of the most economical, hands on, solutions available. 8 weeks of creating healthy eating and exercise habits, behavior modification, support and motivation. The next session is right around the corner….STARTING JUNE 7TH get more info at or call 503 816 1070 for a FREE consultation.
Don’t put your health off another day. Programs like The Body Evolution are preventative medicine. You can eliminate the potential for disease and reduce the cost of medications and doctor visits by taking control of your health. In fact, if your doctor prescribes exercise for you then exercise program costs can be a tax write off (see more about this on Get Fit Training website).
Get started today!

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